crypto slang terms

What HODL, whale and other cryptocurrency slang terms mean

NGMI has been extrapolated to the broader culture, describing any behavior or action that’s not conducive to success. An exchange is a place where you can buy and sell different kinds of cryptocurrencies is kraken legit and tokens. These coins can then be deposited back to a wallet, which supports the coin. Some might say it’s an ethically dicey tactic, but it’s far from uncommon in the crypto community.

  • An interesting example of a whale is actually the company Robinhood itself, which is said to own 30% of Dogecoin itself, making it the largest Dogecoin whale.
  • In contrast, a decentralized exchange is a peer-to-peer marketplace where transactions happen directly between crypto traders without the need for a middleman.
  • She finds it difficult to find one she trusts, leading her to learn more about the various insurance & investment plans available.
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In some cases, an Oracle may be a software program that is designed to provide validation for transactions. It’s important to be aware of POS when considering investing, as it could impact the value of your investment. Nodes are often run by volunteers and can be located all over the world. They help to keep the network secure and running smoothly. They are often generated by a wallet provider and can be thought of as similar to an email address. Crypto exchanges such as FTX,, and KuCoin are examples of centralised exchanges.

You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. Predictably, a meme best captures this HODL maximalist philosophy. Initially, the memes generated referenced the epic battle movies 300 and Braveheart, but there are now countless HODL memes floating around the internet. Today, it is a core tenet of many Bitcoin and crypto believers.

Panic Selling

Julius Mansa is a CFO consultant, finance and accounting professor, investor, and U.S. Department of State Fulbright research awardee in the field of financial technology. He educates business students on topics in accounting and corporate finance. Another variation of this slang is the word “shrimp” which refers to a crypto holder that owns a small amount. In BTC terms, a shrimp would own less than 1 BTC — not such a small amount after all seeing as how BTC is valued at $54K. You might see crypto enthusiasts encouraging each other to HODL especially during times of market volatility, to avoid selling out of panic and fear.

Pump and dump refers to a coordinated price manipulation strategy. What usually happens is that a group of people collectively buy a chosen coin to boost its price and quickly sell the coin to collect their profits. The ensuing sell off will typically result in a price crash and the cycle occurs in a very short period of time. To shill is to promote a crypto for the purpose of driving it to higher prices. While the word precedes the cryptocurrency context, it has become a commonplace in the crypto world and is frequently used even in news articles. Originated from early bitcoin forums, when someone spelt HOLD as HODL.

crypto slang terms

Minting NFTs on the blockchain requires a vast amount of energy, which has led many to criticize the blockchain and its proponents. Layer 2 blockchains are built on top of layer 1 blockchains, often enhancing the latter’s performance and expanding its accessibility. In the context of web3, gas refers to a fee that’s required in order to execute a smart contract or transaction on Ethereum blockchain. Gas, which is often denominated in a very tiny fraction of an ETH called a WEI, is paid to node operators, AKA miners.

It’s often used as a way of saying “you had to be there” or “you needed to be paying attention”. This acronym is often used by crypto investors who are confident that the entire cryptocurrency will benefit from positive developments. “Altcoins” are simply alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin. There are thousands of altcoins on the market, and new ones are created every day. Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, is the name of the phrase. In 2008, he released the Bitcoin white paper and created the initial reference system for today’s most costly and well-known cryptocurrency.

He has done extensive work and research on Facebook and data collection, Apple and user experience, blockchain and fintech, and cryptocurrency and the future of money. Proof of stake is a consensus mechanism used by cryptocurrencies to process transactions and create new blocks on a blockchain. A blockchain is a distributed database that uses a peer-to-peer computer network to verify and record transactions for a cryptocurrency or other data-intensive application. Although it sounds great and it’s definitely more advanced than investing without accounting for the price, there are certain downsides to the BTD strategy. It’s almost impossible to time the market perfectly, so you may wait years for a perfect dip, while other investors buy over this entire period and end up with more assets and higher profits.


BEP20, an abbreviation of Binance Smart Chain Evolution Proposal, is the standard for creating digital tokens on the Binance Smart Chain . Ethan Vinh Nguyen and Andre Marcus Quiddaoen Llacuna abandoned their proposed NFT project “Frosties” and absconded with $1 million in investors’ money. The lowest price at which a specific NFT can be purchased, akin to a low estimate at auction. A floor price that is higher than the mint price means a project has demand; a project with a floor price lower than mint price is usually a bad sign, investment-wise.

crypto slang terms

Common wallets include MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Rainbow. When you buy an NFT on an exchange, you have to connect your wallet to the exchange in order to make the transaction. Wallets can hold both coins and NFTs, and you can have multiple wallets. There are “hot wallets,” which are accessed using the internet, and “cold wallets,” which function more like a flash drive that allows you to take your assets offline.

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Looking to trade NFTs or trying to figure out where to list your collection? Read all about the top NFT marketplaces in today’s market. In translation, it means when will crypto make you rich enough to buy a Lamborghini, which became the ultimate status symbol of the crypto community. WAGBO stands for “we are gonna be okay” and it’s similar to WAGMI – its primary use is to encourage people and ensure that everything is going to be okay. WAGMI is the opposite of NGMI and it means “we’re all gonna make it”.

A messaging app, similar to Slack, used by many crypto projects to organize. Allows for gated channels that are exclusive to holders of the project’s NFT. You may be advised to “join the Discord” for a specific project to get the inside scoop.

A person who is not very experienced in a particular topic, like the complex world of crypto, for example, can be called a noob or sometimes spelt n00b. This person might think they know enough about the topic, but actually does not and is often not very willing to learn as well. The topic is new to them and they ask questions to learn more about it. Mt. Gox was the largest and most important exchange for Bitcoin in its early years. The cause, according to the company, is a hack, in which Bitcoins worth hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen.

crypto slang terms

Ape or apeing is when someone buys a token or NFT shortly after it launches without previously conducting proper research. The crypto world is full of technical jargon, slang, and acronyms. Here’s everything to know so you can join the conversation.

Crypto Slang You Need To Know

When a HODLer is mocked by another HODLer for not having a massive value in Bitcoin yet, they are being bitshamed. One of the most famous examples of bitshaming involved Andreas Antonopoulos, a Bitcoin lecturer. Antonopoulos was shamed when he admitted not HODLing his bitcoin because he needed money to cover his rent and other bills.

It’s important to know the meaning behind these terms, especially if you want to further engage with people within the community. A cryptocurrency’s trade volume measures how many coins have traded hands in a 24-hour period. Trading volume is defined as the quantity of cryptocurrency traded over the last CS50’s Mobile App Development with React Native 24 hours. A scam coin is a fake cryptocurrency that was created to make money for the creator while stealing money from people who supported and invested in the coin. Physical Bitcoins aim to provide users with a physical form of the cryptocurrency to act as a store of value and collectible asset.

This is common in the faulty pump and dump scenarios I mentioned above. On the other hand, these bag holders may be made in several conditions and for any market. A nuke refers to a sudden and hefty price correction in the markets. Since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, prices have to go down by 10% or more to be considered a real nuke. Rekt is a misspelling of “wrecked” and refers to someone that has lost their money in the markets.

HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of “hold,” in the context of buying and holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s also commonly come to stand for “hold on for dear life” among crypto investors. An initial decentralized exchange offering is a way of raising financing for a blockchain project by launching a token sale on a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

We are here to help with a list of crypto vocabulary to make navigating this new world just a little bit more manageable. An abbreviation for ‘hold on for dear life,’ the term HODL actually derived from a misspelling of ‘hold’, which has stuck around and now means ‘keep’. As such, a crypto trader who buys a coin and does not plan on selling it in the foreseeable future is called a ‘hodler’ of the coin. Not really, but it isn’t a real thing either – at least not yet.

It often goes together with or is interchangeable with NGMI, although some perceive it to be an arrogant way of addressing those not yet in crypto. “Can devs do something” is an ironic way of responding to negative price action. Boomer refers to Baby Boomer and is used in a mocking way for people or concepts that are considered old and outdated. As the crypto space moves at breakneck speed, sometimes finexo forex trade even fairly new concepts are considered “boomer.” For instance, Bitcoin is sometimes mockingly referred to as Boomercoin . IYKYK is short for if you know you know, in other words being in on an inside joke. The expression is used liberally, either when a person really has valuable information about a project or similar, or ironically if a person is sharing commonly known information.

“Wrapped Bitcoin” is a term used to describe when a person takes their Bitcoin and “wraps” it in Ethereum. This can be done for a variety of reasons but is often done to take advantage of the benefits of both networks. It’s important to be aware of gas fees when considering investing in Ethereum, as they can impact the amount of money you make from a transaction. A hard fork is when the new blockchain is not compatible with the old blockchain, and a soft fork is when the new blockchain is compatible with the old blockchain.

fractales trading

Trade with Price Channel Pattern Strategy Money trading, Trading strategies, Forex trading strategies

All my trader friends please post any Amibroker systems you have, so that we can come up with the best. Posting a summary of trades from August 2015 to date. Trader friends please compare this with your known gitlab vs github pricing trading systems and let us discuss the positive and negative points of this system. Special strategies can also be implemented at low level. This enables lightning fast order placement on exchange.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The author notes that for a fractal, we do not need five candlesticks exactly, there might be. If you attach the indicator lines, you will filter off market noise and corrections, and the chart will display only real strong trends. Crashes and crises happen when investment strategies converge to shorter time horizons.

fractales trading

He is the only person on record to accurately predict – and document prior to the occurrence – major stock market events, such as the crash of 2008. Depending on other standard factors to be taken into account in the trading process (time, congestion, etc.), each of these reversals is a potential for a fall deals opening. After the fall, the price began to consolidate sideways, and it has many fundamental reasons. That what happened in this case is due to the fact that the sellers have left the market, closing the gap in order to fix profits and thereby causing the stabilization of prices. Pattern in which one and the same motif is repeated in the sequence of decreasing scale.” This is definition of fractal from the dictionary. An investment horizon is defined as the length of time that an investor expects to hold assets or securities.

What are the Best Technical Indicators?

Above picture shows a schematic example of how this might play out in the market. Each trend leg is an impulse, retracement, impulse pattern, and each of those legs also breaks down into the same pattern on the lower time frame. This structure theoretically extends down to the one-tick level. Furthermore, the entire large market structure could be a setup leg for a trend on the next higher time frame. This company trade reports majorly contain , Market analysis, Price analysis , Port analysis and trading partners. By subscribing to the report you can check , Product type, Hs codes, Indian ports, Price and trading partners and countries.

How do you trade fractal Chaos bands?

How to trade fractal chaos bands? This indicator gives an idea of whether the market is trending or flat. When the market is trending the bands has some slope towards the trend. On the other hand, when the market is flat the bands also does not have any slope.

This library was designed to create three different datasets using Bill Williams fractals. The goal is to spot trends in reversal data and ultimately The Life Of A Programmer use these datasets to help predict future price reversals. First, the pivot() function is used to initialize and populate three separate arrays .

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A focused study that identifies the location of quantitative values within specific time contexts. In fact, at the time of formation of fractal flow of orders from major players are adapting to the market. And it is more powerful and more valuable information that tells us about the direction of the trend, as well as how far the price can go after breaking up and rolling back into the body of a fractal.

How are fractals used in trading?

Fractals are indicators on candlestick charts that identify reversal points in the market. Traders often use fractals to get an idea about the direction in which the price will develop. A fractal will form when a particular price pattern happens on a chart.

When we add the indicator, we can see an important resistance level at once around 0. It is another strategy based on the Fractals indicator, but it is designed for a longer timeframe. When prices break out through the lower end, the market will be moving downward. If the price breaks an up fractal then the direction of the market is considered up and if the price breaks a down fractal then the market is considered. So, attempts to buy at the breakout of each and every commodity day trading course mathematical strategies forex and trade in every direction should be put away and your own strategy should be constructed. Therefore, make no trading decisions till the period ends.

Trading Strategies

To launch a strategy, you need to download the template via the link the templates for the indicator and the strategy is designed only for the MT4 platform , past it into the corresponding file and restart the platform. The chart above demonstrates that the most recent up fractal was broken. On the whole, it should be remembered that any system is to be customized, and this can be done after using the indicator for a long time.

We have compiled the reports of more than 80 countries data to present the output. The first example demonstrates the behavior of prices in a downtrend (Fig. 1). Secondly, once you have learned and mastered fundamental aspects of fractals, you begin to see the movement of the market and its prospects with greater clarity. Fundamentals of fractals are tied to the flow of client orders of the largest financial centers in the world, including banks, trading houses and other major players in this arena. In this case, the concept of fractal refers to the construction of canals and levels / lines of consolidation followed by many Forex traders. Moreover, these levels are monitored and major players, thus forming a support and resistance lines.

fractales trading

Fractals is an indicator highlighting the chart’s local heights and lows where the price movement had stopped and reversed. These reversal points are called respectively Highs and Lows. Now you understand how easy it is to build levels, which represent the upper and lower boundaries of the fractal.

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QFL stands for Quickfingersluc, and sometimes it is referred to as the Base Strategy or Mean Reversals. Its main idea is about identifying the moment of panic selling and buying below the base level and utilizing Safety orders. Base level or Support Level refers to the lowest price level that… This indicator plots those pivots/fractals which have not been taken out by price, whereby showing where are the clusters of highs/lows where stop orders could be hiding. Price Data sourced from NSE feed, price updates are near real-time, unless indicated.

  • On the whole, it should be remembered that any system is to be customized, and this can be done after using the indicator for a long time.
  • Unique Three River Definition and Example The unique three river is a candlestick pattern composed of three specific candles, and it may lead to a bullish reversal or a bearish continuation.
  • Fundamentals of fractals are tied to the flow of client orders of the largest financial centers in the world, including banks, trading houses and other major players in this arena.
  • Now you understand how easy it is to build levels, which represent the upper and lower boundaries of the fractal.
  • Moreover, these levels are monitored and major players, thus forming a support and resistance lines.

Now the area under the second fractal turns into resistance, where traders are willing to open the fall deal. The flow of short orders is concentrated at the boundaries of the fractal forming a new fractal. Todays scripts is based on my Pullback And Rally Candles with other meaningful candles such as Hammers and Dojis. You can choose which Candles to show on the cart and if you want to candles to appear above or below a moving average.

Unfortunately, the author brought also in some chapters delving in religion and end of the world considerations which for an objective reader have no place in such a text. Like any Elliott wave text there is no proof for the assertions or patterns presented – this is a general issue with the so called Elliott wave theory. The theory is not yet complete but this is, of course, way beyond the author’s aims. Use indicators after downloading one of the trading platforms, offered by IFC Markets.

fractales trading

The SMA is accelerated during a trend and slowed down during a sideways market, so as to avoid false signals. This indicator uses the fractal dimension to compute an ingest period length into the SMA to output amana capital review the FDASMA. I am getting a monthly average of around 170 NF points. Total trades 1115 in 108 months with an average of 10.3 trades per month. Please let’s discuss the feasibility of this AFL in this thread.

I will be posting the snapshot of the AFL in the subsequent posts. Factotum offers a wide variety of multi-leg strategies for futures and options, having the option of placing IOC multi-leg Orders or Bidding in one leg and covering other legs within microseconds. Also provides a long range of custom strategies for professional trading, like, momentum, market-making, scalping, etc. HFT strategies, along with the benefit of low-latency. Factotum is a software suite for all types of professional trading, like algorithmic trading, high frequency trading, portfolio building, hedging. Also popular as CONVEX and NEBULA among professional traders.

Which coin is best for scalping?

Your trading style and risk profile will determine which cryptocurrency is best for scalping. Beginners will usually choose Bitcoin over other altcoins because it is less volatile and thus more stable. You can use various indicators or a Bitcoin scalper bot or EA to automate your trades.

Documented in “When Will the Illuminati Crash the Stock Market? ” his economic forecasts are unparalleled in the industry and have accurately predicted major stock market advances and declines, including all the largest crash events since 1998. Soul Esprit is the author of 10 books and a top Financial Market Analyst and Economic Forecaster.

Please note that the level of resistance was formed just below the previous fractal. Old level of support is now pointing to the place of sellers’ concentration. As soon as the price is close to that level, it bounces twice on it .

notowania euro forex

EUR PLN kurs I Notowania euro złoty zł Investing com

82% rachunków inwestorów detalicznych odnotowuje straty pieniężne w wyniku handlu kontraktami CFD u niniejszego dostawcy CFD.Zastanów się, czy rozumiesz, jak działają kontrakty CFD, i czy możesz pozwolić sobie na wysokie ryzyko utraty pieniędzy. Administratorem danych osobowych jest Currency One S.A. Pamiętaj, że w każdym momencie możesz odwołać zgodę. Twoje dane osobowe nie będą przekazywane poza granice EOG ani udostępniane organizacjom międzynarodowym. Możesz mieć maksymalnie 10 alertów dla wybranej waluty.

Kurs EURPLN pokazuje relację wartości euro do polskiego złotego, czyli ile złotych zapłacimy za 1 euro. Euro (€, EUR) stanowi prawny środek płatniczy strefy euro. Spójrz na wykres, sprawdź aktualny kurs EURPLN oraz przebieg dotychczasowych notowań. Zwiększony import pociąga za sobą wzrost podaży na globalnym rynku, wskutek czego notowania euro spadają. EBC dąży do utrzymywania rocznej stopy inflacji na poziomie 2 procent, ponieważ stymuluje to gospodarkę. Jednak wzrost cen o ponad dwa procent może mieć negatywny wpływ.

notowania euro forex

Wymienione czynniki prawdopodobnie pogłębią w ich ocenie spadek rocznej dynamiki PKB… Postawione pytanie może brzmieć absurdalnie biorąc pod uwagę to, że szef FED wielokrotnie w ostatnich miesiącach gasił aspiracje “gołębi”, nieraz dość brutalnie, jak podczas sympozjum w Jackson Hole w końcu sierpnia. Dzisiaj Jerome Powell będzie przemawiał w Brooking Institution, a tematem będą sprawy dotyczące inflacji, oraz perspektyw dla rynku pracy i gospodarki w ogóle. Trwa wyczekiwanie na wypowiedź Powella Od 4 grudnia decydenci w FED mają tak zwany okres ciszy, kiedy to nie powinni wypowiadać się na tematy związane z polityką monetarną z racji posiedzenia zaplanowanego na 14 grudnia. Tym samym dzisiejsze słowa Powella mogą być dość ważne, podobnie jak dane makro, których sezon rozpoczął się wczoraj od publikacji odczytu indeksu zaufania konsumentów Conference Board (był w zasadzie zgodny z prognozami). Awersy natomiast są inne w każdym z państw, które decydują, jakie symbole są tam zamieszczone (przy czym monety euro bez względu na stronę narodową są prawnym środkiem płatniczym na terenie całej strefy euro).

Spowolnienie gospodarcze w strefie euro negatywnie przekłada się na cenę waluty, która obowiązuje w największych gospodarkach Starego Kontynentu. Jednocześnie ożywienie gospodarcze w rejonie wspólnej waluty może spowodować jej aprecjację względem np. Poziom stóp procentowych, dlatego Europejski Bank Centralny bardzo ostrożnie podchodzi do kwestii ew.

Co ma wpływ na kursy walut?

Zdaniem ekonomistów w najbliższych dniach czynniki globalne będą wywierać presję na notowania PLN, a kurs EUR/PLN może wzrosnąć nieco powyżej 4,70. Na krajowym długu ekonomiści w tym tygodniu oczekują spłaszczenia krzywej, a w dłuższym horyzoncie jej ponownego stromienia. Kurs EUR/PLN wszedł w trend boczny i obecnie zmierza do jego dolnego ograniczenia, czyli bariery 4,6624.

Zastanów się, czy rozumiesz, jak działają kontrakty CFD, i czy możesz pozwolić sobie na wysokie ryzyko utraty pieniędzy. Podejmując decyzje inwestycyjne, powinieneś kierować się własnym osądem. Więcej informacji dostępnych jest w Deklaracji Świadomości Ryzyka Inwestycyjnego, dostępnej na stronie internetowej

notowania euro forex

Od początku historii wspólnej waluty, jej notowania osiągnęły do tej pory najniższą wartość w 2000 roku, kiedy kurs euro osuwał się w stosunku do funta szterlinga, dolara amerykańskiego oraz japońskiego jena. Rekordowe szczyty rysowane były natomiast w 2008 roku (również w stosunku do wspomnianych walut) – cena euro również traciła w trakcie wielkiego kryzysu finansowego, jednak szybciej odrabiała straty. Do najważniejszych czynników kształtujących kurs euro należy podaż i popyt. Bank centralny określa podaż waluty poprzez ustalenie głównej stopy procentowej. W strefie euro działania te pozostają w kompetencji Europejskiego Banku Centralnego .

Z drugiej strony mamy potężne spadki walut Antypodów i oczywiście chińskiego juana. Rynki reagują na informacje z Chin Wciąż bardzo restrykcyjne ograniczenia związane z koronawirusem w Chinach doprowadziły do fali protestów w wielu głównych miastach. Doszło również do starć z policją, co może prowadzić dodatkowo do jeszcze większego zatrzymania aktywności gospodarczej w Chinach. Spekuluje się, że za listopad produkcja najpopularniejszego smartfona na świecie, czyli iPhone’a może spaść w fabryce Foxconn w… Tutaj w przeciwieństwie do EUR/USD, rynki nie mają najmniejszych złudzeń co do polityki Banku Japonii.

Kurs złotego stabilny przed danymi o inflacji CPI

Jeśli ceny rosną zbyt szybko, a pieniądze zbyt szybko tracą na wartości, siła nabywcza pieniądza maleje. Scenariusz deflacji również nie jest pozbawiony ryzyka. W tym przypadku ceny spadają, więc siła nabywcza pieniądza wzrasta. W konsekwencji jednak deflacja prowadzi do mniejszych inwestycji, ponieważ transakcje nie stwarzają już takich perspektyw zysku.

  • Dlatego państwa, które eksportują duże ilości swoich towarów za granice dysponują dużymi rezerwami walutowymi.
  • To właśnie Bank Centralny ustala pewną ilość podstawowych stóp procentowych w strefie euro.
  • Kolejna fala pandemii wymyka się spod kontroli w tym kraju, a rząd stosuje tylko bardzo restrykcyjne środki polegające na wprowadzaniu lockdownu na dużych obszarach.
  • Najwyraźniej wiele osób potrzebowało przypomnienia w postaci protokołu Fed.
  • Sytuacja pandemiczna w Chinach powoli wymyka się spod kontroli, co rodzi…

W swojej najnowszej nocie analitycy Commerzbanku podkreślili, że gołębi ton widoczny podczas „minutek” FOMC przyczynił się do osłabienia amerykańskiej waluty. W związku z tym kurs EUR/USD może wykorzystać wzrostowy impet i kontynuować rajd wobec dolara. Najwyraźniej wiele osób potrzebowało przypomnienia w postaci protokołu Fed. Być może niektórzy również stchórzyli z powodu wejścia w długi weekend Święta Dziękczynienia w USA ze „zbyt silnym” dolarem – czytamy w nocie Commerzbanku. Analitycy dodali, że nowa cena równowagi dla dolara jest… Dolara amerykańskiego, franka szwajcarskiego, euro, funta szterlinga i innych.

Banki centralne

Inwestycje na rynku forex z wykorzystaniem dźwigni finansowej obarczone są dużym ryzykiem poniesienia straty, łącznie z możliwością utraty wszystkich zainwestowanych funduszy. Prosimy o upewnienie się czy rozumieją Państwo ryzyka związane z transakcjami na rynku forex lub zasięgnięcie porady niezależnego doradcy co do zaangażowania w tego typu transakcje. promuje usługi finansowe licencjonowanych podmiotów zarejestrowanych w Unii Europejskiej. Nie prowadzimy bezpośredniej sprzedaży produktów finansowych. Przedstawiamy ofertę wyłącznie dla nieokreślonego adresata.

notowania euro forex

Kurs EUR/PLN to jeden z najważniejszych kursów walutowych z perspektywy Polaków. Chociaż nasz kraj nie jest członkiem unii monetarnej, to waluta ta odpowiada za większość krajowego importu i eksportu. W globalnym ujęciu euro jest walutą numer dwa, która pod względem znaczenia ustępuje jedynie dolarowi amerykańskiemu. Relacja obu tych walut wyrażona parą EUR/USD zwana jest eurodolarem. Banki centralne mogą stabilizować kurs waluty także za pomocą rezerw walutowych. Gdy popyt na walutę jest wysoki bank sprzedaje ją oraz kupuje waluty innych państw.

Aktualne kursy walut forex na żywo

W parze USD/PLN walutą bazową jest dolar a walutą kwotowaną złoty. Kurs tej pary walutowej oznacza, ile złotych polskich trzeba zapłacić, aby kupić jednego dolara. Stopy procentowe, a właściwie to zmiany stóp procentowych.

Lepsze odczyty makro z Kanady spotkały się ze wzrostem USD/CAD. Czy słabszy dolar kanadyjski w odpowiedzi na lepsze dane nt. Przypomnijmy, wstępne szacunki wskazały na wzrost gospodarki o 2,9 proc. Jeżeli kanadyjska gospodarka US Open – Equity Sell-Off Accelerates hamuje wolniej, niż sądzono, to niewykluczone, że podobnie będzie w przypadku USA. Spowolnienie gospodarcze zamiast recesji w 2023 r.? Doszło do wyraźnej zmiany w komunikacji ze strony amerykańskiego banku centralnego.

Kursy walutowe odzwierciedlają różnicę pomiędzy atrakcyjnością inwestycyjną oraz potencjałem gospodarczym w poszczególnych krajach na całym świecie. W kantorach prezentowane są kursy sprzedaży i kursy kupna danej waluty. Jen japoński osłabił się o 22% w stosunku do dolara od początku 2022 roku. Czy deprecjacja JPY na poziomie 22% to mało czy dużo? Ekonomiści Commerzbanku postanowili przeanalizować wyniki japońskiej waluty w tym roku.

77% rachunków inwestorów detalicznych odnotowuje straty pieniężne w wyniku handlu kontraktami CFD u niniejszego dostawcy. Zastanów się, czy możesz pozwolić sobie na wysokie ryzyko utraty twoich pieniędzy. Tuż przed długim weekendem warszawska Giełda Papierów Wartościowych, wzorem Wall Street i innych parkietów europejskich, kończyła krótszy tydzień Dow Jones Industrial Average konsoliduje w strukturze gospodarstwa kolejnym… Kontrahenci, aby dokonać zakupów zagranicznych muszą w pierwszej kolejności wymienić swoją walutę na walutę, w której zapłacą za transakcję. Kursy walut pokazują, ile jednostek waluty jesteśmy w stanie nabyć wymieniając na inne waluty. Przeglądaj najnowsze wiadomości z rynku, najciekawsze artykuły i najważniejsze ogłoszenia.

Author: Peter Hanks

wartość funta

Kurs funta brytyjskiego GBP do PLN

Podczas krótkiego wystąpienia, Liz Truss poinformowała o rezygnacji ze stanowiska, zaledwie po 45 dniach piastowania stanowiska szefa rządu. Odmowa Trumpa przyznać jest tylko ostatni gambit zadowolić republikańskich darczyńców Dymisja uczyniła z niej najkrócej urzędującą głowę brytyjskiego parlamentu. Funt zaliczył bardzo mocne otwarcie nowego tygodnia.

Weź pod uwagę, że na takiej wymianie zazwyczaj tracisz i często musisz ponieść dodatkowe koszty. Twoje pieniądze wymieniane są po atrakcyjnym kursie. Wizerunek Elżbiety II został uwieczniony nie tylko na funcie szterlingu, ale również na banknotach terytoriów zależnych. W 2016 roku Bank of England zaczął stopniowo wycofywać papierowe banknoty na rzecz polimerowych.

Szacuje się, że po zakończeniu wojny, blisko 12% papierowych banknotów było fałszywych. Gospodarka UK jest w dużej mierze oparta o sektor usług, głównie z obszaru bankowego i ubezpieczeniowego. Przemysł wykorzystujący surowce naturalne coraz bardziej traci na znaczeniu. Kurs funta jest w dużym stopniu uzależniony od prężnego działania wspomnianych wyżej usług, stąd wynika duży wpływ nastrojów rynkowych na realną wartość notowań. W dzisiejszych czasach Wielka Brytania stawia na gałąź finansowo-ubezpieczeniową. Wszystkie ważne decyzje odnośnie funta – zapadają w Londynie.

Funt szkocki

Widmo parytetu funta z dolarem, które jeszcze tydzień temu wydawało się odległe, teraz sprawia wrażenie niebezpiecznie bliskiego – twierdzi Russ Mould, dyrektor inwestycyjny w firmie AJ Bell. Kwarteng i premier Liz Truss jak na razie zdecydowali, że nie będą komentować rynkowych ruchów brytyjskiej waluty. Ile kosztuje euro, dolar, funt i frank miesiąc przed… Symbolem oznaczającym skrót dla funta jest „£”. Tak naprawdę jest to przekreślona litera L, co w przeszłości oznaczało skrócenie łacińskiego słowa “libra”, czyli “wagę”, “funta wagi”.

Kiedy najwyższy kurs funta?

7,3516 – najwyższy kurs funta do złotówki wg. NBP od 2000r. Miał on miejsce 01.03.2004r.

Funt to obecnie czwarta najczęściej handlowana waluta na rynku walutowym, po dolarze amerykańskim, euro i jenie japońskim. Wraz z tymi trzema walutami i renminbi tworzy koszyk walut, które obliczają wartość specjalnych praw ciągnienia MFW . Walutę Wielkiej Brytanii wprowadzono do obiegu w 1158 roku. Szterling powstał za czasów panowania angielskiego króla Henryka II i był wymienialny na srebro. W 1816 roku zmieniono wymienialność funta ze srebra na złoto, co utrzymano aż do 1914 roku. Kurs funta szterlinga utrzymywał się przez prawie 200 lat na poziomie 4,9 dolara za 1 funta.

Środowe wystąpienie przedstawicieli Bank of England doprowadziło do kolejnego spadku funta, względem głównych konkurentów grupy G10. Powodem takiego stanu rzeczy okazała się deklaracja o planowanym zakupie obligacji skarbu państwa, przez bank centralny. Nowy tydzień przyniósł ulgę brytyjskiej walucie. Funt po raz pierwszy od dłuższego czasu odnotował wzrost, względem głównych konkurentów.

Wykres kursu GBP

Dochodowość dziesięciolatek doszła w poniedziałek do 4,11 proc., czyli najwyższego poziomu od 2010 r. I była najwyższa od września 2008 r., czyli od upadku Lehman Brothers. Kursy walut przedstawione na stronie nie stanowią oferty w rozumieniu prawa i stanowią wyłącznie informację dla klientów. W przypadku braku waluty w kantorze, zostanie ona zamówiona. Poznasz na przykład aktualną równowartość kwoty 1 PLN w funtach szterlingach lub 1 GBP w złotówkach. W ten sposób możesz obliczyć, jaką kwotę da wymiana pieniędzy.

Jest to czwarta najważniejsza waluta pod względem wielkości obrotu oraz 4 pod względem światowych rezerw. Kurs GBP podyktowany jest głównie sytuacją gospodarczą na wyspach. Ta z kolei oparta jest w dużej mierze na sektorze usług, w tym bankowych i ubezpieczeniowych. Najważniejszymi czynnikami wpływającymi więc na wartość funta to polityka monetarna banku centralnego, wysokość produktu krajowego brutto oraz raporty dotyczące bezrobocia. Obecnie jest to jedna z najsilniejszych walut na świecie, choć jeszcze do lat trzydziestych dwudziestego wieku, była podstawowym środkiem płatniczym w wymianie międzynarodowej.

Jak najlepiej wymienić funty na złotówki?

Jeśli chcesz szybko, bezpiecznie i po dobrym kursie, to skorzystaj z kantoru banku, w którym masz konto. Bardzo dobrą ofertę na korzystne przewalutowanie ma Santander Bank Polska. Wymianę walut po kursie międzybankowym oferuje Revolut. Atrakcyjne kursy mają też kantory internetowe.

To on stabilizuje walutę przez ustalanie odpowiednich stóp procentowych, emituje brytyjskie monety i banknoty. Historią tak długą jak funt szterling nie może się pochwalić żadna inna waluta. Oznaczenie funta pochodzi od łacińskiej litery „L”. Libra to w tłumaczeniu jednostka miary która określa, ile kruszcu znajduje się w konkretnej monecie.

Funt brytyjski jest określany jako najstarsza waluta na świecie. Już w VIII wieku naszej ery król anglosaski Offa wprowadził wykonaną ze srebra jednostkę monetarną o nazwie pens, która jest uważana za bezpośredniego przodka funta szterlinga. Kilka wieków później król Henryk II oficjalnie wprowadził funta szterlinga, który był wymienialny na srebro. Pierwsze monety o nominale jednego funta pojawiły się natomiast w 1489 roku i były wykonane ze złota. W 1694 roku założono Bank Anglii, który kontrolował brytyjską walutę.

Z wymianą funta szterlinga na lokalne waluty nie powinno być jednak problemu także w innych krajach, szczególnie na terenie Europy. Ofertę kupna i sprzedaży funta brytyjskiego znajdziemy w wielu kantorach, szczególnie w miejscach popularnych wśród turystów. Ze względu na liczbę Polaków pracujących w Wielkiej Brytanii, także w Polsce wymiana funta na zł cieszy się dużą popularnością. Rodaków przyjeżdżających do kraju w szczególności interesuje para walutowa GBP/PLN. Wykres kursu funta brytyjskiego pokazuje na wyraźne osłabienie waluty Wielkiej Brytanii od 2016 r.

Kurs wymiany funta – przelicznik funtów (GBP)

Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany spekulacją na GBPPLN to koniecznie sprawdź aktualną ofertę brokerską. Tak jak w przypadku każdej innej waluty, tak i tu, nie wiadomo jak potoczą się losy funta. Oszacowanie, co w przeciągu kilku miesięcy czy kilku lat stanie się z funtem jest dość trudne i ryzykowne, tym bardziej że Towary dla handlowców – pomysły inwestycyjne jego sytuacja jest dość zmienna i dynamiczna. W zaledwie rok, kurs funta do złotego spadł o około 30%. To naprawdę spora różnica, która pokazuje, że nie można ściśle określić co w najbliższym czasie wydarzy się z tą walutą. Dzięki temu masz miejsce, w którym możesz przechowywać swoje pieniądze i czekać, aż np.

  • Do tego dane Urzędu Statystycznego Wielkiej Brytanii , podają, że brytyjska gospodarka ulega powolnej recesji i w ostatnim kwartale spadła o 0,2 procent, po raz pierwszy od 2012 roku.
  • Funt szterling jest oficjalną jednostką monetarna w Wielkiej Brytanii oraz terytoriów jej podległych.
  • Tak ustalona cena funta jest atrakcyjniejsza od tej, po której kupno i sprzedaż zaoferuje kantor (dochodzi bowiem kwestia marży).
  • Na czele ataku na Funta stał Georg Soros, który swoimi negatywnymi poczynaniami doprowadził wiele państw na skraj bankructwa (na przykład Włochy, Malezję a także i Polskę).
  • Na GBPPLN wpływ będą miały decyzje BoE oraz RPP (Rada Polityki Pieniężnej).

Oznacza się go kodem GBP, co w rozwinięciu brzmi Great British Pound. Jego symbolem jest przekreślona litera “L”, pochodząca od łacińskiego słowa libre, czyli waga. I nie ma w tym nic dziwnego, w końcu funt to również jednostka wagi. Akceptuję politykę prywatności, w tym zgodę na przetwarzanie danych osobowych przez serwis FXMAG w celach marketingowych.

Jakie konto walutowe wybrać – Ranking kont walutowych

Sytuacja funta związana jest z tym że Wielka Brytania wyszła z Unii, a jej PKB od wielu lat wciąż spada. GB stara się uchronić sytuację swojej waluty, podnosząc stopy procentowe. Nie da się nie zauważyć, że od 2015 roku wartość funta sukcesywnie spada. Nie jest to dobra wiadomość dla osób, które zarabiają w GBP. Było to zaraz przed wejściem naszego kraju do Unii Europejskiej. W tamtym czasie wielu Polaków zaczęło wyjeżdżać do pracy na Wyspy, aby zarobić i pomnażać swoje oszczędności, co w sumie nie powinno nikogo dziwić.

wartość funta

Na GBPPLN wpływ będą miały decyzje BoE oraz RPP (Rada Polityki Pieniężnej). Po zaksięgowaniu Twojej wpłaty błyskawicznie wymienisz pieniądze po najlepszym kursie. W pierwszym kroku wpłacasz pieniądze do swojego wirtualnego portfela. Twój przelew dojdzie do nas bardzo szybko, bo obsługujemy expressowo ponad 20 banków. W kilka minut zarejestruj się i korzystaj z pełnej funkcjonalności jednego z pierwszych kantorów internetowych. Funt brytyjski, a w zasadzie Funt szterling (ang. pound sterling, £), to oficjalna jednostka monetarna w Wielkiej Brytanii.

Ogromne straty ponoszą też analogiczne strategie na polskim rynku. Zawsze po takim roku przychodzą jednak lata z wysokimi stopami zwrotu. Obszary odpowiedzialne za wytwarzanie 21,1 proc. Chińskiego PKB zostały objęte lockdownem – mówią wyliczenia analityków banku Nomura. Obligacje skarbowe powszechnie uważane są za instrumenty wolne od ryzyka, jednak ta teza jest prawdziwa tylko przy pewnych specyficznych założeniach.

wartość funta

Tylko podczas 40 dni funt tracił mocniej niż w piątek. Aktualne notowania funta szkockiego do polskiego złotego w kantorze Grand. Tanie przelewy pieniędzy z Polski do UK, realizowane z pomocą licencjonowanej instytucji płatniczej EasySend. Nie dość, że dostajesz świetny kurs wymiany walut, dodatkowo odbiorca może otrzymać pieniądze nawet w 10 minut. Po co podwajać koszty i najpierw wymieniać pieniądze, a potem je przelewać? Nie warto przepłacać, lepiej ciąć koszty i ułatwiać sobie życie.

Oczywiście prawdopodobnie będzie on i tak niższy niż w banku, ale jednak z pewnością kantor stacjonarny nie da nam zaoszczędzić. Najlepszym rozwiązaniem w ostatnich czasach jest kantor internetowy. To daje do myślenia, biorąc pod uwagę wysoki spread w banku czy kantorze stacjonarnym. Zapomnij o niekorzystnych kursach i ukrytych opłatach. Skorzystaj z kalkulatora walut i przekonaj się, ile możesz zaoszczędzić.

wartość funta

Konto walutowe to rachunek bankowy, który zapewnia większą swobodę finansową podróżującym za granicę lub tym, którzy robią zakupy w zagranicznych sklepach. Przy ciągłych wahaniach kursu walut ta modalność staje się coraz bardziej interesująca, ponieważ pozwala zachować swobodę podczas transakcji i nie martwić się wysokimi opłatami za przewalutowanie. Bank of England emituje obecnie banknoty o nominałach 5, 10, 20 i 50 funtów.

Mimo że jego pozycja nigdy nie wróciła już do swoich chwalebnych łask, Wielka Brytania wchodząc do Unii, wynegocjowała, niewprowadzanie na terenie swojego kraju waluty euro. Kiedy tylko kraj ten zdecydował się na opuszczenie Token Tech firmy Securitize podnosi $14 000 000 z Santander, MUFG Unii, kurs dolara amerykańskiego mocno osłabł. Funt oznaczany jest skrótem GBP, który oznacza Great Britain pound. Jego charakterystycznym symbolem jest £., który pochodzi od rzymskiego zapisu słowa “libra”.

action nio

NIO Inc Class Action Alert: Shareholders with Losses in NIO Inc NIO Are Urged to Contact News

Because Nio Inc’s market value can be influenced by many factors that don’t directly affect Nio Inc’s underlying business , market value can vary widely from intrinsic value. In evaluating the existence of scienter, the inquiry is whether all of the facts alleged, taken collectively, support allegations of scienter. In this case, each statement made will not be evaluated on an individual basis in order to establish scienter.

action nio

The Company is also engaged in the provision of charging piles, vehicle internet connection services and extended lifetime warranties. The Gross Law Firm is nationally recognized class action law firm, and our mission is to protect the rights of all investors who have suffered as a result of deceit, fraud, and illegal business practices. The Gross Law Firm is committed to ensuring that companies adhere to responsible business practices and engage in good corporate citizenship. The firm seeks recovery on behalf of investors who incurred losses when false and/or misleading statements or the omission of material information by a company lead to artificial inflation of the company’s stock. Every fiscal report a company issues has a material effect on the investors due to its effect on stock price. Nio continuously reported impressive numbers each fiscal quarter during the class period.

Time to Upgrade!

Premarket extended hours change is based on the day’s regular session close. It offers a power service system with chargeable, swappable and upgradable batteries to provide users with power services for all scenarios. For every potential investor in Nio Inc, whether a beginner 5 best algo trading strategies that truly work or expert, Nio Inc’s price movement is the inherent factor that sparks whether it is viable to invest in it or hold it better. Nio Inc Stock price charts are filled with many ‘noises.’ These noises can hugely alter the decision one can make regarding investing in Nio Inc.

  • The number of shares of a security that have been sold short by investors.
  • When running Nio Inc ADR price analysis, check to measure Nio Inc’s market volatility, profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, growth potential, financial leverage, and other vital indicators.
  • On this news, the Company’s American Depositary Shares (“ADSs” or “shares”) fell $0.59, or 2.5%, to close at $22.36 per share on June 28, 2022.

The market value of Nio Inc ADR is measured differently than its book value, which is the value of Nio Inc that is recorded on the company’s balance sheet. Investors also form their own opinion of Nio Inc’s value that differs from its most profitable investment market value or its book value, called intrinsic value, which is Nio Inc’s true underlying value. Investors use various methods to calculate intrinsic value and buy a stock when its market value falls below its intrinsic value.

NIO, Lucid, and Rivian Have Plummeted. Here’s the 1 Thing to Know Before Buying

As a result of its success litigating hundreds of lawsuits and class actions, the Firm has been named to The National Law Journal’s “Plaintiffs’ Hot List” thirteen times and listed in The Legal 500 for ten consecutive years. Shares of NIO Inc. sank 5.7% toward a three-month low in premarket trading Wednesday, after the China-based electric vehicle maker reported a wider-than-expected best cryptocurrency in 2021 second-quarter loss as revenue rose above forecasts but gro… Market strength indicators help investors to evaluate how Nio Inc stock reacts to ongoing and evolving market conditions. The investors can use it to make informed decisions about market timing, and determine when trading Nio Inc shares will generate the highest return on investment.

This press release may be considered Attorney Advertising in some jurisdictions under the applicable law and rules of ethics. The class, in this case, has not yet been certified, and until certification occurs, you are not represented by an attorney. If you choose to take no action, you can remain an absent class member.

  • As Ford’s stock price increases, high open interest indicates that money is entering the market, and the market is strongly bullish.
  • Any change resulting from servicing transfers or other policy or regulatory change can impact the performance of these transactions.
  • Levels of credit protection that are higher than necessary to protect investors against current expectations of loss could drive the ratings of the bonds up.
  • We’d like to share more about how we work and what drives our day-to-day business.
  • Homegrown EV and battery giant BYD and Volkswagen are also making strides in that market.

The Company also used the related party transactions to recognize massive savings on depreciation. These transactions caused the Company’s true financials to be overstated. Based on these facts, the Company’s public statements were false and materially misleading throughout the class period. When the market learned the truth about NIO, investors suffered damages. Most investors in Nio Inc cannot accurately predict what will happen the next trading day because, historically, stock markets tend to be unpredictable and even illogical.

Breakingviews – Nio’s right place, right time may be short-lived

If dividend payments are inconsistent, as with many ADRs, the annual dividend is calculated by totaling the regular dividends paid over the trailing 12 months. Annual Dividend/yield calculations do not guarantee or imply future payment of dividends. Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Morningstar Index quotes are real-time. NIO’s cloud technology actively detects the users’ needs to provide above-and-beyond user experience.

  • Shares of NIO Inc. sank 5.7% toward a three-month low in premarket trading Wednesday, after the China-based electric vehicle maker reported a wider-than-expected second-quarter loss as revenue rose above forecasts but gro…
  • The NIO class action lawsuit charges NIO and certain of its top executives with violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
  • NIO delivered 10,677 vehicles in August 2022, an increase of 81.6% YoY.
  • The company was founded by Bin Li and Li Hong Qin on November 28, 2014 and is headquartered in Jiading, China.

Regulatory disclosures contained in this press release apply to the credit rating and, if applicable, the related rating outlook or rating review. Moody’s quantitative analysis entails an evaluation of scenarios that stress factors contributing to sensitivity of ratings and take into account the likelihood of severe collateral losses or impaired cash flows. Moody’s weights the impact on the rated instruments based on its assumptions of the likelihood of the events in such scenarios occurring. Unlike Tesla, Nio does not make its own EVs, instead partnering with a state-owned auto manufacturer. On this news, the Company’s shares fell $2.03, or 8.9% to close at $20.57 per share on July 11, 2022. On this news, the Company’s shares fell $2.03, or 8.9% to close at $20.57 per share on July 11, 2022.

Related news

On June 28, 2022, Grizzly Research LLC published a report alleging, among other things, that NIO inflated its net income by about 95% through sales to a related party, Wuhan Weineng Battery Asset Co. On this news, the price of NIO American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) fell approximately 2.5%. These EV stocks are way down, but that’s no guarantee that investors who buy shares now will make money.

action nio

Levels of credit protection that are insufficient to protect investors against current expectations of loss could drive the ratings down. Losses could rise above Moody’s expectations as a result of a higher number of obligor defaults or deterioration in the value of the mortgaged property securing an obligor’s promise of payment. Transaction performance also depends greatly on the US macro economy and housing market. Other reasons for worse-than-expected performance include poor servicing, error on the part of transaction parties, inadequate transaction governance and fraud. Levels of credit protection that are higher than necessary to protect investors against current expectations of loss could drive the ratings of the bonds up. Losses could decline from Moody’s original expectations as a result of a lower number of obligor defaults or appreciation in the value of the mortgaged property securing an obligor’s promise of payment.

Dow Jones Hits Bear Market After Today’s Sell-Off; What To Do Now

Share of Li Auto Inc. dropped 1.7% in premarket trading Monday, after the China-based electric vehicle maker cut its delivery outlook for the third quarter, citing supply chain challenges. Some investors attempt to determine whether the market’s mood is bullish or bearish by monitoring changes in market sentiment. Unlike more traditional methods such as technical analysis, investor sentiment usually refers to the aggregate attitude towards Nio Inc in the overall investment community. So, suppose investors can accurately measure the market’s sentiment. For example, some tools to gauge market sentiment could be utilized using contrarian indexes, Nio Inc’s short interest history, or implied volatility extrapolated from Nio Inc options trading.

To find thebest stocks to buy or watch, check outIBD Stock Listsand otherIBD research. Nio boasts 1,047 battery swap stations in China, which have performed more than 10 million battery swaps. It has taken battery swaps to Norway, further challenging Tesla in that market. Out of 36 analysts covering Nio stock, 34 rate it a buy and two have a hold. The SMR Rating is a combined measure of sales growth, profit margins and return on equity. Nio, Xpeng and Li Auto are startup rivals to Tesla in China, the world’s fastest-growing EV market.

Latest On NIO Inc

If you are not currently a client of Johnson Fistel, LLP, your e-mail will not be privileged and may be disclosed to third persons. “Hot” indicates urgent and noteworthy news stories as determined by providers Dow Jones or Benzinga. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standard Options before investing in options. Annual Dividend is calculated by multiplying the announced next regular dividend amount times the annual payment frequency. If no new dividend has been announced, the most recent dividend is used.

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LimeFX Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of LimeFX com

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LimeFX cheating

It was an absolute shit-show of a year for numerous reasons. On a personal level, I’ll be remembering it primarily as the year I hit a personal wall, flaming out and delivering a novel six months late . In reaction to which, I decided to take a six month sabbatical … Then had the sabbatical interrupted by a family medical crisis, of the “an immediate relative spends three months on a stroke ward and will never recover” variety. The automated buying and selling software program that Crypto Unlocked is utilizing, offers you completely no management of the end result. You’ve got just one alternative, and that’s how a lot cash the robotic ought to place on every commerce.

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And it costs less than a similarly-sized SUV. For planning purposes on long distance travel here in the U.S., I use mph to estimate how long I’m going to be on the road or how far I can go in one day of a multi day trip. I don’t want to “drive like a complete nutter”. Cruise control has proven to be an effective tool to use in restraining those urges. NASA is stating that these development pave the way for detection of extrasolar life.

At this point, there’ll be significant damage even on optimistic timelines for solar adoption. I eventually came to the conclusion that their support was based on a mixture of tribalism and veiled racism. That would certainly work but it would shadow the neighbouring field to the north and reduce crop growth there. Realistically if we go nuclear we’re talking Westinghouse 1000’s that have a track record of working.

When you’re going fast it’s easy for something to block your view, you to get distracted, or you simply don’t notice something. That’s when the extra 10 metres you cover every second, and the extra 20% limefx review distance you need to stop become really important. Paws @ 206 That USED to be the case – was when I bought mine, but they have changed the “regs” – so that now, more than EIGHT seats counts as a “Bus”.

Mirrors help significantly only if you have BOTH fairly low levels of sunlight AND you can’t grow crops over all of the ground – and damn few places meet both criteria! They DO allow you to use more land to grow a smaller area of plants that need more sunlight than you get. If you compare it to solar, solar is way more dangerous. But that’s because the nuclear industry isn’t putting millions of reactors in homes across the world.

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By the opposite logic, which anti-communists always apply, we should write off all of these 6.5 millions as victims of Syrian regime, because somebody forgot to tell the “historians” about migration. I see this topic has been again sidetracked by the likes of Greg Tingley, who fail to engage in comprehensive discussion. Apparently, I thereby failed to deliver the message that I am not in a denial of famines in USSR.

Shame about the centre core, but as the man said “Not enough ignition fluid to light the outer two engines after several three engine relights. Fix is pretty obvious.” All my nieces that are married or dating are doing so with people with different skin pigmentation. One way is that, with a dark enough view of your fellow human, life comes as a pleasant surprise. Just that there are a lot of factors in play here. Common outcome of not getting regular medical check-ups because of expense is that folk wait that whatever they have will go away on its own.

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And we can pay for carbon sequestration either as a government program payed for by ordinary taxpayers, or by regulations/taxes/penalties imposed on fossil fuel companies. Since all of their competitors will be faced with the same costs, they can safely raise their prices to cover these costs and not lose any customers. Moz @ 56 Except when your local “Authority” introduces a cycle scheme which DOES NOTHING FOR CYCLISTS. It’s predicated that by shitting all over car-owners, life for cyclists will automatically become better, which it doesn’t. All down to one utter shit in local council, of course, as these things often are. @ 57 Must disagree … If you don’t believe me, I suggest you read the National Secular Society’s web-site every week.

The T institute above is one of the oldest and nastiest honey-pots on the internet and is run by sociopaths. It also used to run a lot of social engineering stuff before the hard-core stuff came online. Based on five categories,of which only political participation improved globally in 2018. […] Of all 60 indicators in the Democracy Index, women’s political participation had improved more than any other single indicator in the EIU model. DEEP SEVEN is almost certainly the Cthonians, one of Brian Lumley’s creations. You can find them in a book called The Burrowers Beneath, which I would heartily recommend for anyone who enjoys Lovecraft.

Using the same system we have now, we could have different posted speed limits on different roads. Changing the speed limit on a road changes the toll, there’s ample experience of that. But I really don’t want to do a road trip without it. When I drove from DC to KC for Worldcon – that’s a fuck of a long drive alone – I was, astoundingly, averaging 27mpg. And once I set – usually, about 4mph over the limit – cops looking for speeders don’t worry me, and so it’s once less thing to think about.

The fact that it was likely one of the best options didn’t persuade enough people to make this option broadly accepted. (See “not in my backyard”.) It’s important to remember that just because something is technically feasible, that doesn’t mean it’s socially feasible. And if you stop funding the repository, as happened for Yucca Mountain, then some of the fearmongering becomes more realistic, further increasing opposition to the current and future options. Since I was born we’ve changed from about 70% of the world’s population living in extreme poverty to about 8%. With the trend accelerating in the last two decades.

Hello Willams it is possible to retrieve your stolen bitcoins. I never believed in bitcoin recovery because I was made to understand that it is not possible. But sometime in DECEMBER I fell for a binary options scam which promised a higher return and I lost close to $75,000.

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Then we get to see if someone can figure out how to profitably build affordable living spaces in built-up areas. Those of you in Europe probably see this as our cities starting to mature, growing up rather than out, and you’re right. Meanwhile, I was thinking that there was a time when 2016 was the bad year, and then came to realize that a chunk of the immediate trigger events for today’s hilarity could be traced to then. Or is it based on the assumption that ‘we/us’ live in the West, where our chances (whatever the past/growing shitstorm around us) of surviving this far (if not as comfortably as we’d like) are better than those in less fortunate places. “the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.”

These elderly folk were pretty consistent wrt to details, i.e., the gov’t nationalized farms leaving peasants maybe an acre for their own family’s usage in lieu of payment for their forced labor on now gov’t-owned farms. And because they were experienced farmers, this acre meant they could grow just enough food to not starve provided they were able to hide their produce/crops from the soldiers that regularly patrolled/stole from the gov’t and their fields. Further, once farms had been confiscated, the gov’t then decided which crops to grow where. This might have worked if Stalin hadn’t become enamored with Lysenkoism.

I’ve driven most interstate highways in the US at 80mph without it being at all dangerous and except where posted specifically on curves, and provided I had a performance car not some burbwagon I could handle them at 90. Not a big fan of the weaving in and out of traffic thing but lost of the US interstates are pretty empty except near the big cities. Again perhaps that is mostly really because SUV’s are mostly driven by middle aged suburban people and a lot of 18 year old boys are dying in pickups on rural 2 lane highways? I can’t find any attempts to figure that out. When you consider what the options were, and remember that the opinions and plans of Corbyn and McDonnell weren’t exactly obvious to the unthinking masses, plenty of such people would have voted Labour.

  • Standard and best form for that is wage labor, but that can work with slavery too or other possibilities.
  • If Cheatolini iL Douchebag manages to start a war with Iran it will be neither “short” nor “victorious”.
  • Now, usually, the story unfolds as you expect, with gaslighting and all the trimmings and your CIS hero may escape.
  • They often have the same failures as other societies do, and fail to learn the lessons.

Grep notes on what elisagate is, and it’s 100% real. Point is that doesn’t make humility of forbearance bad. It just means you don’t have a right to require them of others, at least not those with less relative privilege in the relevant contexts. The correct response to the situation is not to reject the benefits of privilege but to use them to help people with less. I’ve pretty much given up on responding to SleepingRoutine because hir standard response seems to be “Your education is different to mine. Your education is wrong”. It continues to amuse me, and very little about these people does, that the surest sign that someone is a snowflake is them ranting about snowflakes.

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FAANG did not have a bad year, they just had the type of PR crisis that oil and car companies have successfully weathered for decades. Let me rephrase that, Facebook had a bad year due to its scandals. Apple also had a bad year, but that’s due to the plateauing of smartphone sales. And, confirming my opinion that one J Corbyn is STUPID … Another example of the “lifelong rebel” trying to impose strict discipline …., apart from the joining with the far-right in wanting to wreck the country of course. Clever folk successfully grew human esophageal tissue in the lab for the first time.

  • Be careful with this, because that account is not that genuine and is using 100% easily tracable Key Words that have a lot of watchers.
  • There’s close to zero tolerance in residential areas, especially around marked school zones.
  • They are cold-climate, regular rainfall plants, anyway, so Australia is not a good place for them .
  • Though there are a couple of places, suprisingly close to home, where there is “no tarmac” & two country lanes without a regular surface ( i.e. they are “whites” marked as “RUPP/BOAT” on an O.S. map ) that I use once or twice a year.

These hypotheses aren’t actually mine, I learned about them while investigating modern data on the same topic. They are well-known among people, and not a personal opinion of some isolated authors. I always wear socks, except some of the time at home – the rest of the time at home, I wander around in socks. Well, from late fall until the weather actually gets warm in spring, I wear boots. But SR seems harmless; s/he just has his/her hobby-horses like the rest of us, plus a somewhat confused ideology which I attribute to having lived under both commies and Putin. (Look up Saint Stalin if you don’t think Russian ideological structures are confusing.) Whether SR is/isn’t a Russian propagandist isn’t a big deal to me, as most of the people here are smart enough to catch that stuff and react in whatever way seem’s appropriate.

I don’t even remember if the “How could they be so stupid that they burned petroleum?” was essential to the plot or just background world-building to give the story verisimilitude. The story was not set in a dystopian future as I remember it. In my understanding the climate is something that is common to us all. If I have a factory in an underdeveloped country and my factory generates pollution to the atmosphere, then how I the cost of that pollution will be paid by me? The most likely case is that I will not pay the costs. This list almost certainly upset you, and that’s the point.

“most trade and industry is regulated rather than directed by government” seems more accurate. It would be lovely if it were true, but it’s not. The story doesn’t appear to have any facts to actually implicate McConnell, his wife or his father-in-law. There’s been some internal division there for over a year now.

As Australia saw with the ceiling insulation deaths, doing anything on a house roof is dangerous. Vastly expanding any industry very quickly is also dangerous. But if you screw up a nuclear reactor you can’t just send a tradesman around to fix the problem up – solar spills are much easier to deal with than nuclear ones. Despite both storage and piping obviously and demonstrably actually working, which then brings us to political issues. Which do you think is a bigger ask from a regulatory sense, getting someone to stake their career on removing safeguards for nuclear or approving a powerline, something that gets approved every day of the working week? Approving a peeling that meets all current regulatory standards, with no requirement for waivers….

Much the same applies to the US, China, India etc. Places like Saudi Arabia could switch from exporting oil to exporting electricity very easily if they wanted to. FFS Morocco is doing that and they’re hardly gifted scammed by limefx with the oil wealth that the house of Saud is. As with fission, the problems are not technical or financial they are political. But, eh, if I wanted clean power in the UK, I wouldn’t bother with solar at all.

While we have to be careful in applying modern HDI to older times, the alternative isn’t to assume that all European countries were equally developed. That’s why I await historian’s attempts to calculate historical HDI the same way that they’ve calculated historical GDP. In a dry summer my lawn would be brown and the garden more or less on hold, but right now I am mowing 5cm or more off the lawn at least once a week and the garden is not cooperating. Normally I mulch with 10cm or more of woodchips to keep enough moisture in the soil that not everything dies, but in a wet summer that just provides extra nutrients for more growth.