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That gives you a local cycle and with high population density it’s more practical to do industrial recycling of the waste so you can get closer to a closed system. I got beyond deing depressed about Brexit to regarding it as an interactive dark comedy show about a year ago – interestingly, an lot of political commentators have now done the same, and it’s now hard to tell those from the satirists in places like the Independent. Economic growth is a complex thing, not easy to define, and evolves over time. Available workforce is certainly an important component of it but there are others, like productivity resulting from mechanization/ automation, international trade and the like.

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It was an absolute shit-show of a year for numerous reasons. On a personal level, I’ll be remembering it primarily as the year I hit a personal wall, flaming out and delivering a novel six months late . In reaction to which, I decided to take a six month sabbatical … Then had the sabbatical interrupted by a family medical crisis, of the “an immediate relative spends three months on a stroke ward and will never recover” variety. The automated buying and selling software program that Crypto Unlocked is utilizing, offers you completely no management of the end result. You’ve got just one alternative, and that’s how a lot cash the robotic ought to place on every commerce.

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And it costs less than a similarly-sized SUV. For planning purposes on long distance travel here in the U.S., I use mph to estimate how long I’m going to be on the road or how far I can go in one day of a multi day trip. I don’t want to “drive like a complete nutter”. Cruise control has proven to be an effective tool to use in restraining those urges. NASA is stating that these development pave the way for detection of extrasolar life.

At this point, there’ll be significant damage even on optimistic timelines for solar adoption. I eventually came to the conclusion that their support was based on a mixture of tribalism and veiled racism. That would certainly work but it would shadow the neighbouring field to the north and reduce crop growth there. Realistically if we go nuclear we’re talking Westinghouse 1000’s that have a track record of working.

When you’re going fast it’s easy for something to block your view, you to get distracted, or you simply don’t notice something. That’s when the extra 10 metres you cover every second, and the extra 20% limefx review distance you need to stop become really important. Paws @ 206 That USED to be the case – was when I bought mine, but they have changed the “regs” – so that now, more than EIGHT seats counts as a “Bus”.

Mirrors help significantly only if you have BOTH fairly low levels of sunlight AND you can’t grow crops over all of the ground – and damn few places meet both criteria! They DO allow you to use more land to grow a smaller area of plants that need more sunlight than you get. If you compare it to solar, solar is way more dangerous. But that’s because the nuclear industry isn’t putting millions of reactors in homes across the world.

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By the opposite logic, which anti-communists always apply, we should write off all of these 6.5 millions as victims of Syrian regime, because somebody forgot to tell the “historians” about migration. I see this topic has been again sidetracked by the likes of Greg Tingley, who fail to engage in comprehensive discussion. Apparently, I thereby failed to deliver the message that I am not in a denial of famines in USSR.

Shame about the centre core, but as the man said “Not enough ignition fluid to light the outer two engines after several three engine relights. Fix is pretty obvious.” All my nieces that are married or dating are doing so with people with different skin pigmentation. One way is that, with a dark enough view of your fellow human, life comes as a pleasant surprise. Just that there are a lot of factors in play here. Common outcome of not getting regular medical check-ups because of expense is that folk wait that whatever they have will go away on its own.

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And we can pay for carbon sequestration either as a government program payed for by ordinary taxpayers, or by regulations/taxes/penalties imposed on fossil fuel companies. Since all of their competitors will be faced with the same costs, they can safely raise their prices to cover these costs and not lose any customers. Moz @ 56 Except when your local “Authority” introduces a cycle scheme which DOES NOTHING FOR CYCLISTS. It’s predicated that by shitting all over car-owners, life for cyclists will automatically become better, which it doesn’t. All down to one utter shit in local council, of course, as these things often are. @ 57 Must disagree … If you don’t believe me, I suggest you read the National Secular Society’s web-site every week.

The T institute above is one of the oldest and nastiest honey-pots on the internet and is run by sociopaths. It also used to run a lot of social engineering stuff before the hard-core stuff came online. Based on five categories,of which only political participation improved globally in 2018. […] Of all 60 indicators in the Democracy Index, women’s political participation had improved more than any other single indicator in the EIU model. DEEP SEVEN is almost certainly the Cthonians, one of Brian Lumley’s creations. You can find them in a book called The Burrowers Beneath, which I would heartily recommend for anyone who enjoys Lovecraft.

Using the same system we have now, we could have different posted speed limits on different roads. Changing the speed limit on a road changes the toll, there’s ample experience of that. But I really don’t want to do a road trip without it. When I drove from DC to KC for Worldcon – that’s a fuck of a long drive alone – I was, astoundingly, averaging 27mpg. And once I set – usually, about 4mph over the limit – cops looking for speeders don’t worry me, and so it’s once less thing to think about.

The fact that it was likely one of the best options didn’t persuade enough people to make this option broadly accepted. (See “not in my backyard”.) It’s important to remember that just because something is technically feasible, that doesn’t mean it’s socially feasible. And if you stop funding the repository, as happened for Yucca Mountain, then some of the fearmongering becomes more realistic, further increasing opposition to the current and future options. Since I was born we’ve changed from about 70% of the world’s population living in extreme poverty to about 8%. With the trend accelerating in the last two decades.

Hello Willams it is possible to retrieve your stolen bitcoins. I never believed in bitcoin recovery because I was made to understand that it is not possible. But sometime in DECEMBER I fell for a binary options scam which promised a higher return and I lost close to $75,000.

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Then we get to see if someone can figure out how to profitably build affordable living spaces in built-up areas. Those of you in Europe probably see this as our cities starting to mature, growing up rather than out, and you’re right. Meanwhile, I was thinking that there was a time when 2016 was the bad year, and then came to realize that a chunk of the immediate trigger events for today’s hilarity could be traced to then. Or is it based on the assumption that ‘we/us’ live in the West, where our chances (whatever the past/growing shitstorm around us) of surviving this far (if not as comfortably as we’d like) are better than those in less fortunate places. “the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.”

These elderly folk were pretty consistent wrt to details, i.e., the gov’t nationalized farms leaving peasants maybe an acre for their own family’s usage in lieu of payment for their forced labor on now gov’t-owned farms. And because they were experienced farmers, this acre meant they could grow just enough food to not starve provided they were able to hide their produce/crops from the soldiers that regularly patrolled/stole from the gov’t and their fields. Further, once farms had been confiscated, the gov’t then decided which crops to grow where. This might have worked if Stalin hadn’t become enamored with Lysenkoism.

I’ve driven most interstate highways in the US at 80mph without it being at all dangerous and except where posted specifically on curves, and provided I had a performance car not some burbwagon I could handle them at 90. Not a big fan of the weaving in and out of traffic thing but lost of the US interstates are pretty empty except near the big cities. Again perhaps that is mostly really because SUV’s are mostly driven by middle aged suburban people and a lot of 18 year old boys are dying in pickups on rural 2 lane highways? I can’t find any attempts to figure that out. When you consider what the options were, and remember that the opinions and plans of Corbyn and McDonnell weren’t exactly obvious to the unthinking masses, plenty of such people would have voted Labour.

  • Standard and best form for that is wage labor, but that can work with slavery too or other possibilities.
  • If Cheatolini iL Douchebag manages to start a war with Iran it will be neither “short” nor “victorious”.
  • Now, usually, the story unfolds as you expect, with gaslighting and all the trimmings and your CIS hero may escape.
  • They often have the same failures as other societies do, and fail to learn the lessons.

Grep notes on what elisagate is, and it’s 100% real. Point is that doesn’t make humility of forbearance bad. It just means you don’t have a right to require them of others, at least not those with less relative privilege in the relevant contexts. The correct response to the situation is not to reject the benefits of privilege but to use them to help people with less. I’ve pretty much given up on responding to SleepingRoutine because hir standard response seems to be “Your education is different to mine. Your education is wrong”. It continues to amuse me, and very little about these people does, that the surest sign that someone is a snowflake is them ranting about snowflakes.

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FAANG did not have a bad year, they just had the type of PR crisis that oil and car companies have successfully weathered for decades. Let me rephrase that, Facebook had a bad year due to its scandals. Apple also had a bad year, but that’s due to the plateauing of smartphone sales. And, confirming my opinion that one J Corbyn is STUPID … Another example of the “lifelong rebel” trying to impose strict discipline …., apart from the joining with the far-right in wanting to wreck the country of course. Clever folk successfully grew human esophageal tissue in the lab for the first time.

  • Be careful with this, because that account is not that genuine and is using 100% easily tracable Key Words that have a lot of watchers.
  • There’s close to zero tolerance in residential areas, especially around marked school zones.
  • They are cold-climate, regular rainfall plants, anyway, so Australia is not a good place for them .
  • Though there are a couple of places, suprisingly close to home, where there is “no tarmac” & two country lanes without a regular surface ( i.e. they are “whites” marked as “RUPP/BOAT” on an O.S. map ) that I use once or twice a year.

These hypotheses aren’t actually mine, I learned about them while investigating modern data on the same topic. They are well-known among people, and not a personal opinion of some isolated authors. I always wear socks, except some of the time at home – the rest of the time at home, I wander around in socks. Well, from late fall until the weather actually gets warm in spring, I wear boots. But SR seems harmless; s/he just has his/her hobby-horses like the rest of us, plus a somewhat confused ideology which I attribute to having lived under both commies and Putin. (Look up Saint Stalin if you don’t think Russian ideological structures are confusing.) Whether SR is/isn’t a Russian propagandist isn’t a big deal to me, as most of the people here are smart enough to catch that stuff and react in whatever way seem’s appropriate.

I don’t even remember if the “How could they be so stupid that they burned petroleum?” was essential to the plot or just background world-building to give the story verisimilitude. The story was not set in a dystopian future as I remember it. In my understanding the climate is something that is common to us all. If I have a factory in an underdeveloped country and my factory generates pollution to the atmosphere, then how I the cost of that pollution will be paid by me? The most likely case is that I will not pay the costs. This list almost certainly upset you, and that’s the point.

“most trade and industry is regulated rather than directed by government” seems more accurate. It would be lovely if it were true, but it’s not. The story doesn’t appear to have any facts to actually implicate McConnell, his wife or his father-in-law. There’s been some internal division there for over a year now.

As Australia saw with the ceiling insulation deaths, doing anything on a house roof is dangerous. Vastly expanding any industry very quickly is also dangerous. But if you screw up a nuclear reactor you can’t just send a tradesman around to fix the problem up – solar spills are much easier to deal with than nuclear ones. Despite both storage and piping obviously and demonstrably actually working, which then brings us to political issues. Which do you think is a bigger ask from a regulatory sense, getting someone to stake their career on removing safeguards for nuclear or approving a powerline, something that gets approved every day of the working week? Approving a peeling that meets all current regulatory standards, with no requirement for waivers….

Much the same applies to the US, China, India etc. Places like Saudi Arabia could switch from exporting oil to exporting electricity very easily if they wanted to. FFS Morocco is doing that and they’re hardly gifted scammed by limefx with the oil wealth that the house of Saud is. As with fission, the problems are not technical or financial they are political. But, eh, if I wanted clean power in the UK, I wouldn’t bother with solar at all.

While we have to be careful in applying modern HDI to older times, the alternative isn’t to assume that all European countries were equally developed. That’s why I await historian’s attempts to calculate historical HDI the same way that they’ve calculated historical GDP. In a dry summer my lawn would be brown and the garden more or less on hold, but right now I am mowing 5cm or more off the lawn at least once a week and the garden is not cooperating. Normally I mulch with 10cm or more of woodchips to keep enough moisture in the soil that not everything dies, but in a wet summer that just provides extra nutrients for more growth.

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