The fourth decimal place measures the price of a currency.

The fourth decimal place measures the price of a currency. Smaller fluctuations mean lower volatility, which protects traders and investors. This question dotbig broker has many answers, and it can help you decide whether to reinvest your profits. Interest is a form of compounding that pays you money for a certain period.

  • The capital of your trading account will soar through the roof using the compounding method.
  • The Forex Compounding Calculator can be used to calculate the monthly interest earnings, percent gain, and number of months.
  • In subsequent calculations, the increased investment will be used to calculate the next time period’s earnings.
  • Whatever the experience level of the trader, whether they’re new to the forex market or have been trading forex for years, the simple principle of compounding must be understood.
  • In addition to that, reinvestment policies vary according to the market.
  • Decide what currency you want the calculation to be performed.

This way, you can increase the amount you invest each time and keep it afloat for a long period of time. It’s highly recommended to invest at least $ per month to make the most of your money. This method is more profitable for long-term traders because you can invest your profits every week and have them grow exponentially. The Forex Compounding Calculator can be used to calculate the monthly interest earnings, percent gain, and number of months. Streamline your trading process by using our easy to use compound interest calculator.

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To calculate the profit earned over the predefined number of periods, use the calculator below. In the fourth quarter, you get a result based on the sum of the initial deposit Forex news and the income of three previous quarters. In the third quarter, the calculator considers the profit of both previous quarters and adds it to the initial deposit.

Use the to calculate the profits you might earn on your foreign exchange currency trading. Here any account currency has initial equity of 1000 units. After compounding, the gains of 6 consecutive winnings are 1,126.16 units. This implies that just by compounding six winning trades and taking profit percentage as low as 2% per trade, you can grow the account balance by 12.6%. Forex compounding calculators calculate profits as a percentage of the initial deposit every month. In this way, if you make a profit every month, you will make a profit every quarter.


You slightly refine your trading plan and manage to gain 10% in the second month. Because you did not withdraw any of the profits from before, the growth you experienced during your second month is $3 150. Check dotbig forex out the figure below to understand how accumulated returns help accelerate growth. A compound interest calculator is an important tool for anyone who is looking to calculate their potential earnings or savings.

forex compound calculator

Using a Forex compounding calculator will help you figure out your monthly earnings, your percent gain and the amount you need to re-invest to reach your desired goal. Essentially, this is your total monthly earnings, and you can use that profit to either invest or reduce your risk. To learn more about this topic, here are a few resources you can use to understand reinvestment policy in forex. The capital of your Forex compounding account can increase utilizing the compound forex exchanging method. It requires some patience and time, information, and effort to work with this demonstrated method of increasing the capital. Assuming that you are prepared to attempt new Forex investment approaches, for example, compounding trading strategy, you are on a great method for improved living.

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